4 Reasons Why a Colonoscopy Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Are you putting off scheduling a colonoscopy because you are worried about the procedure or the preparation? You are not alone. The idea of undergoing a colonoscopy can make even the bravest person wary. But a colonoscopy is not as bad as you may think. The Piedmont Colorectal Associates team explains why in this post.

The Importance of Detecting Polyps

When a surgeon scans the intestinal tract with a colonoscope, one of the goals is to find small, benign growths known as polyps. The problem with polyps is that they don’t always remain benign. Over time they can become malignant, spreading cancer throughout your colon and beyond. Below, the experienced Atlanta-area doctors of Piedmont Colorectal […]

The Day of Your Colonoscopy

For patients undergoing their first colonoscopy, the day of the procedure can bring a mixture of apprehension and relief. The relief comes from the knowledge that soon there will be no need to ingest large amounts of prep liquid, and the daily special on the home menu will no longer be beef bouillon or lime […]

Preparing for Your Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy has long been the gold standard in colon cancer screening. Over the past decade, advances in technology and surgical technique have significantly reduced the level of discomfort involved. And yet, there is still one element of the procedure that intimidates many prospective patients: the exacting preparation routine. Here, the experienced Atlanta-area doctors of Piedmont Colorectal […]

Screening Options for Colon Cancer

Regular screenings for colon cancer save lives. Of that there is no doubt. Early detection can find polyps before cancer invades them. The doctors at Piedmont Colorectal present the various options patients now have in colon cancer screening.

Symptoms of Colorectal Cancer No One Should Ignore

What do screen legend Audrey Hepburn, comedian Milton Berle and Peanuts creator Charles Schultz have in common? Apart from lives that brought smiles to millions, they all share the sad distinction of having lost a battle with colorectal cancer. At Piedmont Colorectal Associates, we know that this virulent disease strikes rich and poor, the famous […]

How Smoking Affects Colorectal Health

Toxins and carcinogens in tobacco smoke are believed to damage DNA and tissues in the body over time which can cause an array of health issues. While most people know that smoking can have negative effects on your lungs, heart …