Colorectal Health and Physical Activity

May 25th is Senior Health Fitness Day

As you grow older, it becomes imperative that you continue to be active! That’s why there is a national day for seniors to examine their current fitness patterns and make an action plan on how to better their physical wellness.

 Being Healthy as a Senior

Studies show that Colorectal Cancer and level of Physical Activity go hand-in-hand. According to, increasing physical activity consistently lowers the chance of developing colorectal cancers by between 30 and 40 percent, regardless of their BMI!

How To Be a More Active Senior

Many rec-centers have all sorts of organized groups for Seniors to be active and find other people to have fun, healthy activities with, such as:

  • Dance Lessons! Haven’t you always wanted to learn to Tango?
  • Swimming. Don’t know how? That’s alright! Most Rec-Centers have lessons available.
  • Nature walks & hikes. Enjoy your local parks and nature! Walking is a great way to start physical activity. Listen to an audiobook or your favorite news show while you walk!
  • Golf. There’s always time to Golf. Take a few strokes off your game by going to a rec center and finding a golfing group to help you learn how.

It doesn’t matter what physical activity you decide to embrace! The only thing that matters is that you take steps to become a more happy, healthy person! Want to organize an event? Click here to Organize a Senior Fitness Event.  |  Get Screened for Colorectal Cancer in Atlanta, GA