Home Treatment for Hemorrhoids

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Many people find hemorrhoids somewhat embarrassing and prefer to treat them from the comfort of their own home. Luckily, a majority of the time, hemorrhoids are easily treated using the following home remedies:

  1. Hemorrhoid creams – Creams are a great way to reduce the pain, swelling and itching caused by hemorrhoids. You can get cream either from a physician or over-the-counter at most drug stores.
  2. Sitz Bath – A sitz bath is when a person sits in water up to the hips, which relieves the discomfort and pain caused by hemorrhoids.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar – For a natural treatment, try soaking a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and applying it to the hemorrhoid area.
  4. Coconut Oil – Applying coconut oil to the hemorrhoids directly, rinsing and repeating not only helps relieve symptoms, but it can also cause the hemorrhoids to disappear in a few short days.
  5. Cold Therapy – Cold therapy involves using a cold, clinically approved applicator that is stored in the freezer and applied to the swollen area.

What Should I Do If Home Hemorrhoid Treatments Don’t Work?

If you don’t see improvement within seven days of trying a home remedy, you need to call your GI doctor immediately. The following actions may be taken:

  1. Fixative Procedure – These procedures include tying off the hemorrhoids with a rubber band or using heat lasers to create scar tissue. Fixative procedures can only be done on internal hemorrhoids.
  2. Hemorrhoidectomy – Surgical removal of large hemorrhoids might be necessary if other treatments have not controlled the bleeding.

Hemorrhoid Treatment Atlanta, GA

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