How Long Does Colorectal Cancer Surgery Take? What To Expect Afterward

The most common treatment for colorectal cancer is surgery to remove the affected part(s) of the colon and/or rectum. Today’s technology makes colorectal cancer surgery more predictable and less invasive than it used to be. Still, be aware that the surgery does require some downtime and rest before going back to normal everyday life. If […]

Why Does Your Anus Itch? 4 Potential Causes and Treatment Options

If you suffer from ongoing anal itching, you probably feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. You may be caught in a persistent itch-scratch cycle, where scratching the area further damages the sensitive skin. You may feel as though the condition is disruptive to everyday life, yet you don’t know where to go for help.

Study: Increase in Colorectal Cancer Rates Among Young Adults

Rates of both colon cancer and rectal cancer are increasing among adults under age 55, according to a study by the American Cancer Society (ACS). As a result, the ACS has lowered the recommended starting age for colorectal cancer screening to 45 years old. In this post, the team of colorectal surgeons at Piedmont Colorectal […]

Can Hemorrhoids Grow Back?

It is possible to have recurring hemorrhoids? A patient’s diet and lifestyle can affect the recurrence of hemorrhoids, and so can the type of treatment that was performed. In this post, the team of colorectal surgeons at Piedmont Colorectal Associates discusses what you should do if your hemorrhoids continue to grow back.

Colonoscopy Prep Guide

Preparation is a critical part of a colonoscopy. Patients that fail to follow their doctors’ instructions closely risk compromising the effectiveness of the procedure, or having to repeat it altogether. In this post, the team of colorectal surgeons at Piedmont Colorectal Associates provides you with a brief colonoscopy prep guide. Read Your Doctor’s Instructions You […]

How Often Should I Get Screened for Colorectal Cancer?

March is National Colorectal Awareness Month, a campaign designed to spread awareness on colorectal health, colon cancer, rectal cancer and the importance of routine screenings. Screenings tests, including stool testing, colonoscopy and CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy), are essential in detecting early signs of cancer, when it is easier to treat and cure. Screenings can also […]

How to Lower Your Risk for Colorectal Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately one in 20 Americans develops colon cancer or rectal cancer at some point in their lives. However, ongoing research suggests that there are several ways to reduce your risk of cancer, many which involve making small and easy adjustments to one’s lifestyle. Read on as Piedmont Colorectal Associates […]

The Benefits of Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery with the da Vinci® Surgical System is a minimally invasive surgery that has proven highly effective in the treatment of colorectal cancer and other conditions that affect the colon and rectum. Piedmont Colorectal Associates, a team of board-certified colorectal surgeons in Atlanta that possesses over 35 years of combined experience, is proud to […]